About the Book

Ever notice that the rules of love and the rules of work are the same? They Are! An interview is a date, leaving a job is a break up, severance is alimony. And in Harper’s Rules, Danny Cahill–headhunting guru, speaker, and owner of one of the country’s largest recruiting firms–delivers clear-cut strategies for getting a job and building a career, and shows how those strategies can apply to your personal relationships. He offers readers effective, insider tips, packaged in an intimate and funny parable.

As readers follow successful executive Casey Matthews through the rough waters of a recent divorce, a job she doesn’t like, insensitive¬†interviewers, the rigors of contemporary dating, and high-pressure career advancement, they’ll discover the rules that can change anyone’s life, delivered by the all-knowing but charming headhunter Harper Scott.

  • Take the sure-fire test for deciding whether you should stay in your job or relationship.
  • Know when you should commit and when to keep interviewing and dating.
  • Discover how to leave without burning a bridge or breaking a heart.
  • Never accept a counteroffer–from a boss or a¬†lover.

Readers will devour the story and the advice–and be inspired by both.